A unique blend of music, skits, puppets and audience participation!
Endorsed by corporate and community organizations since 1991
Family Fun Show

Critics young and young-at-heart highly acclaim this uplifting, interactive and fun-filled musical experience. Popular with company picnics, fairs & city festivals, concerts in the park and fund-raisers, they also provide various themed shows for elementary schools, fairs and community events. The Toonies have an impressive reputation for client and audience satisfaction.


Tricia & Pete bring their many years on stage together to a fun and lively variety band. This features their talents on keyboard, guitar, banjo and vocals. Their choice of uplifting songs span a wide range of everyone’s favorites from 1900 through the 1970s, providing a variety of great songs for a variety of great occasions.

Fabulous 50's

Enjoy 50's FUN with interactive music and dance! Invite everyone to dress up 50's style. We'll have a ROCKIN' good time! From the Shimmey to the Twist, the Swim and the Pony, the Limbo to the Hand Jive… the Jerk and Mony Mony,  No one can keep still,  Everybody has to move. Your party is a hit!  It's got that Rock n' Roll groove.
Contact The Toonies to design the perfect show for your event.
Ask us about including contests, prizes and awards!


Contact your city, county and/or local waste management folks. Many have education dollars to spend in your community! REDUCE! REUSE and RECYCLE!  Tricia & The Toonies perform a highly effective program in schools and community events with themes focusing on reducing, reusing, recycling, pollution prevention, natural resource conservation and more.

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"A dynamic crowd pleaser...
Mall of America
"Fast paced and fun filled...
Quality entertainment!"
General Mills
"Professional, talented
and funny!"
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